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Home Theater & Multi Room Audio

Affordable Technology offers several Home Theater Speaker Packages including 5.1 and 7.1. You can count on Affordable Technology to set up a Home Theater System that is just right for you.

Immerse yourself in movie sound and superb musical performances.  Hearing full-spectrum sound from the front, sides and rear puts you in the center of the action, comedy, drama and excitement to your entertainment.

You can buy a home theater at a store but why would you want to? You’d have to deal with the headache of situating bulky components, ugly space taking speakers and hiding wires and cables. Selecting an In-ceiling Home Theater solution gives you amazing clarity and acoustic quality without the clutter and hassle.

Affordable Technology will install a convenient built-in plate for simpler hook-up.  Enhance your HD Flat Panel TV  with the perfect sound to give you the full entertainment experience you had in mind. Cable, satellite, DVD, Sony – Blue-ray, videos, the Internet—they’re all enhanced with the right Affordable Technology Home Theater Package.

Multi Room Audio

Affordable Technology’s Multi-Room Music Packages bring music to every corner of your home or music to rock your pool party or soothing tunes you can lounge with. The possibilities for a multi-room music solution for practically any budget.

With Affordable Technology Multi-Room Music you can enjoy the music you love throughout your home. Select a music source from many options—Cable or Satellite Box, iPod®, iTunes®, on-line digital music, satellite radio, or stereo tuner. Then Expand your options and satisfy different tastes. Music can be generated from a single source, such as the stereo in your family room, or multiple sources, like your stereo, satellite or cable music, iPod or even CD’s.

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Security Alarms

Security Alarms

Let our professionals design and install a system that will keep you safe.
Smartphone App

Smartphone App

Get notifications and monitor the surveillance cameras of your home or business on your smartphone.
Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

Our secure wireless communication technology means that you will not need land line phone service which can be cut by would be intruders.