Energy Management

Affordable Technology partnering with, Energy Management services enables remote control, intelligent optimization of lights, thermostats, locks, and garage doors from either your installed touch screen at home, tablet, or smart phone.

Energy Management Lights Starting at $59.99

Smart Schedules

Smart Schedules Activity Patterns allow you to adjust and optimize your thermostat settings based on actual activity patterns throughout your home as captured by your home’s door, window, and motion sensors.

Power Outage Notifications

Power outage notifications send real-time mobile alerts when a power outage occurs and also uses community intelligence to alert you to the percentage of nearby customers who have lost power as well.

Severe Weather Alerts

Severe Weather Alerts notify you of approaching tornadoes and other potentially dangerous weather events in the immediate area.

Energy Management Phone • Control lights and thermostats to adjust to your schedule • Learned activity patterns from your home will better optimize your energy use • Take control of your energy usage with easy to use mobile apps • Always on, at a glance awareness of your home’s critical systems • Remotely open and close garage doors • Text and email alerts let you know instantly when your thermostat settings change • Automate your lights to turn off when the system is armed or the door is closed

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Security Alarms

Security Alarms

Let our professionals design and install a system that will keep you safe.
Smartphone App

Smartphone App

Get notifications and monitor the surveillance cameras of your home or business on your smartphone.
Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

Our secure wireless communication technology means that you will not need land line phone service which can be cut by would be intruders.